Water World Warning
Old films like ‘Water World’ are part of the government's early public warning system.   Fiction is used to disguise the hard facts otherwise likely to cause fear and panic.   Seen as entertainment, the viewer has to ‘read between the lines’ to see the truth of a big flood coming. Sea More Water

Glaciers and cold polar icecaps melt if the global heater is on full blast.   Trusted experts say that water will flood the earth again like in the days of Noah and the Lost Ark. Select humans will live on calamity barges. Cruise ships today can be made over quickly for a wet nightmare.

Coastal residents seek high ground.

“All the cruise ships we see these days are here for a whole different reason,” says Barry Gibson, an activities director on a big ocean liner. “The ships are for a future emergency - to evacuate the rich elite,” he warns.

A doomsday report (the “report”) claims how survivors in the watery future will battle to control what little land and resources remain. A big wet future is a huge concern and now rainy seasons are often above average. Storms are worse than ever before.

Everyone may want wet suits.

Not everyone will survive,” says Helen Gaynor of Newark New Jersey. “First, the coastal lowlands will flood. And then the rest of the Earth’s plane,” she adds.

The report says “The Day After Tomorrow” film helps explain how weather will take 10 years to reset back to normal. It will take a whole generation (40 years) in the buildup to the crisis and in the time it takes for the water to subside (go away).

“It is hard to believe. It is all nonsense and I could care less about some water,” says Jeff Bell of drought-parched Nevada. Jeff is a lesser known conspiracy critic and skeptic of the doomsday report.   ◆   Click to Close

Comet Tells of END Times!

  Comets now days warn how end times are upon humankind claims Pastor Dick Eioh of Orono, Maine. Dick hosts a bible decipher webinar group. Groups meet weekly by invitation only.  See More - Comet Scare

  A master stained-glass artist and part-time pastor urges, “Say your prayers, and fast.” His shtick is that our life adventure is a garden where we sow and grow spirits.

  Pastor Dick, as his so-called friends call him, is a graduate of the Anti-Divinity University (ADU). The ADU school focuses on “heaven on earth” and afterlife theology.

  An anonymous “official” suggests, “Groups that warn of dire consequences and poor outcomes should be ignored.” People do not have time to ponder eternity.   ●   Click to Close

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Birth Records Destroyed

Public records are not safe.   Citizens in Troy City, South Georgia were shocked about the fire that destroyed the town office. All the computers and files containing birth records for thousands of people were lost in the blaze.   Read More - Records Destroyed

  “Insurance money will pay for the new building but all the records are gone, said Ida Hardly, known as the acting town manager since the last disputed election. Individuals affected are asked to fill in blank birth applications and mail them in for processing.

  “We believe folks will be honest and give us accurate information,” she added. Birth records are of vital importance to prove citizenship, and to get passports or licenses to drive. Skeptics say it is a pledge of a soul to controllers.  ◆   Click to Close


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