Time Travel Explained

Astrophysicists explain how in a distant future, UFO rides are now “sold” to visit our Earth time, like a “Disney Space” attraction. So, in effect, future beings beam here for adventure, fun and games to scare us.   Read More - Time Travel

So, Bigfoot is thought to travel in time.   Such things are time travelers who voyage on a sports safari to other dimensions, the far out geeks report.

Cast Spells - Holly for Magic Wands
Space cadets demonstrate it is possible with advanced physics.

Go to bed and worry no more about Bigfoot.   Time travelers wear costume disguises to not disrupt those of us with limited minds and truly still believe we live in a small world, after all is said and done.

The study of the abnormal is very popular.   Even USA indigenous natives have stunning tall tales to tell folks. Simply put, we live in a cosmic amusement park. Science is way too far out there to know the score.

Put all matter aside.   Imagination has no limits.   “They (astrophysicists) don’t have enough science fiction to read, so they make it up. It is magic,” says a skeptic with a big flourish of a hand as if it holds a wand with powers.

The “skeptic” owns a tree farm.   “My holly wood is in big demand by lathe operators who make very nice wands to sell at craft fairs. “Besides, I love Hollywood programming. They can cast a spell,” he laughs.   ◂   Click to Close

Cannabis Usage Skyrockets

Cannabis use in Oregon is on the rise say experts at the Fads Addiction Counseling Treatment Service (“FACTS”).   Higher statistics began in 1973, when Oregon eased criminal penalties. See More - Skyrockets

Government leaders took bribes from liberated hippies to change things big time, say pundits.   Formerly known as marijuana, cannabis was also commonly referred to as “pot,” and it was sold in “lids,” that being, about an ounce.

Folks disagree on how the old words (pot and lids) for cannabis came to exist.   The big stink and noise about the best slang names for cannabis types (indica & sativa), and whether you buy it in grams, ounces, or “lids” is a matter of fad and preference.

Hippie bug! (1043753793)
Hippies often drove Volkswagens.

“I think it was because folks cooked it a lot.   They needed pot and lids,” said Darius Tosh, a part-time chef.   “It makes the most sense to me,” he added. Meanwhile, debate continues on a name for pot that sticks.

Statistics from the 1970s show that people smoked way less cannabis than currently.   Back then folks often smoked when looking forward to a little afternoon delight (conjugal relations).  FACTS monitors consumption purposes.

It (FACTS) releases a yearly report April 20th and recent trends show how more folks now use cannabis alone (and not for conjugal relations).   Statistics on the high lonely number is one solo skyrocket in flight.   ●   Click to Close

Do you believe.. the hoopla?
More or Less..?

Hidden Money Mystery

A 500-year old money laundering scheme is a big secret to hide.   History books only hint at it.   The stories seem too wacko to believe.   If true, it explains a lot.   Can history unlock the modern banking system cartel?   See More - Hidden Money


  Todd Dungeon, an ancient modern history buff believes in secrets. Folks in the know want his dragon tales and truths to be told.

  “Me and Todd talk about money that paid for among other things, like the Mayflower voyage cruise to America,” says Bill Bradford, who knows a lot.

  Dungeon’s blog tales tell how long ago a very wealthy group of religious heretic refugees from France now own the world!

  Such wild claims come by reading the Treaty of Westphalia to end the wars of religion in 1648 and from putting together the puzzle pieces it left.

  More about Dungeon’s tales can be found in his anonymous blogs on the Internet that discuss the hidden power of French Huguenots in history.   They are hard to find since censors are quick to ghost and remove it.   ▪   Click to Close


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