Heretics Deny Moonshot
Zany folks do not think humans have been to the moon.   For a long time, not everyone has agreed on everything.   “History is what we are told,” declares Sally Molay, who denies far-out trips to the moon and beyond. Read Moonshot

Heretics like Ms. Molay now hand out full-color printed brochures with the details of their wild ideas.   Sally says to "believe what you may while you can since opinions may become as rare as gold."   The printing industry supports growing more trees to make paper.

Buzz salutes the U.S. Flag
Walks on moon as seen on TV.

“The power of the printed word and freedom of the press belongs to each of us. The pen is a mighty sword. But, digital words on computers are not swords,” adds Sally.

“If you post something, it can vanish. If you print it and hand to someone, it ignites the mind, or it can be burnt to get warm if it is cold,” she laughs. Preppers suggest keeping some kindling (woods sticks and paper) as a fire starter if needed and to put wooden matches in waterproof containers.

Sally truthfully explains how common household electronics today are believed to hold more computer power than did NASA for space programming and its spacey mind games activities.

Lunar Lander Model
Space made in Hollywood basement.

“A toaster oven in a tiny kitchen has bigger computer chip power,” she says. “It is high science fiction, with lots of added sugar, to believe the walk on the moon as seen on TV was real,” she scoffs.

Sally is not related to the historic Jacques de Molay, a heretic burned alive at the stake for outlandish ideas and keeping secrets. “We share a similar last name. Some folks think him and I are alike,” she adds.

For those who deny science, whether society will tolerate competing nonsense is a good question to debate. Would voters justify an outcome to eliminate (get rid of) heretic oddballs who insist science is a scam if it were put on the ballot?

Templars Burning
Depicts burning heretics alive.

Social media platforms (Big Brother) can delete, flag, and ghost zany posts instantly, so others never learn of the dissent (differing opinions). Like it not, it is for your own good they say to protect citizens, stifle thoughts, and to limit complaints.

“Stick and stones and words can hurt. We must keep harmful words offline,” says Luna Montage, who manages algorithm mathematics for artificial intelligence robots that monitor our words and predict online shopper purchases.

“It is easy and fast to delete online opinions of anyone. When the boss gives me a list, I go to work and boy, I keep busy,” she confesses.

Sally Molay and Luna Montage both agree that society needs to protect freedom of speech and still look out for the common good a little. Neither expect to see folks burned alive for their beliefs.   ◆   Click to Close

Light Pollution Problems

Lots of money goes to pay for streetlights and yard lamps. It turns naturally dark, storytelling nights, into overexposed revelations of crass real estate projects, private schools, and empty shopping centers. See More - Pollution

It truly lights up the hell people mistakenly think this life represents. Ancient peoples, including our Native American families, worshiped the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.   Even the three wise men in bible times in the Arabian territory, wisely followed the lights under dark night covers.

Street Lights
Street lamps overnight the night sky.

Astrologers know how to read the messages, and not everyone listens. The dark skies initiative wants to darken things up a bit. “It will put the heavenly lights on our minds again,” says Reverend Polly Lumens, a dark sky activist. “People are missing the signs of heaven in front of their eyes,” she adds.

The activists want folks to dim lights, set timers, and observe light discipline. They want city streetlights to go dark after one minute when no movement is detected. A goal is so people in the hearts of big cities can catch glimpses of the Milky Way Galaxy, or the dome over which covers the Earth say some.   ●   Click to Close

Not edgy.. We are the vanguard.
Look it up..

Birth Records Destroyed

Public records are not safe.   Citizens in Troy City, South Georgia were shocked about the fire that destroyed the town office. All the computers and files containing birth records for thousands of people were lost in the blaze.   Read More - Records Destroyed

  “Insurance money will pay for the new building but all the records are gone, said Ida Hardly, known as the acting town manager since the last disputed election. Individuals affected are asked to fill in blank birth applications and mail them in for processing.

  “We believe folks will be honest and give us accurate information,” she added. Birth records are of vital importance to prove citizenship, and to get passports or licenses to drive. Skeptics say it is a pledge of a soul to controllers.  ◆   Click to Close


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